Homemade Vinaigrette Dressing

I am a huge lover of vinagrette dressing and I can now say I'll never need to buy it from the store again. Newman's charities will be losing some funds from me apparently. I found a recipe for homemade vinegrette dressing and it was awesome!!! And so easy to make. Here it is:

Shallot Vinegrette Dressing
1 shallot
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
7 tablespoons olive oil

Finely chop the shallot and let it soak in the vinegar for about 15 minutes. Add the salt, pepper and olive oil, shake it up in a container and Voila!

It seems to be covering me for about 4 side salads, which is perfect since there are no preservatives in it to make it last forever. I ended up using it over some roasted beets that I made up this week. I'm trying to give those embryos lots of nutrient-rich foods. This dressing over beets was great, as it reminded me of the pickled beets I used to be given as a child (Am I the only one? Is this a Eastern European thing?) but with this dressing it tasted like a gourmet version of that childhood side dish. Leo and Phoebe wouldn't touch it. Oh well. More for me!


Martha said…
This looks great, would make a nice marinade also. Thanks, Heather.
Michelle Smiles said…
I never buy dressing any more. My fav is: 6T white balsamic vin, 8T grapeseed oil, 1T raspberry all fruit preserves, 1T coarse grainy mustard - I throw it all in the food processor.

Grapeseed oil is what I usually put in my dressings - it has a lighter flavor.

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