I'm Feeling The Love!!!!

Wow! I feel so honored! Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential (which I think is an awesome blog name!) gave me this award! I will also do her meme that she tagged me for in the same post.

Here's the rules for accepting the award:

Linking back to the person who gave it to you.
Paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs. (See below)
Leaving comments on their blogs telling them they’ve received one. (Will do)
Enjoying the award. (I'm so flattered!!! Trust me!)

Here are my 7 nominees for the "I Love Your Blog" Award

Merlot at Swimming Against the Tide
Tertia at So Close (not that she needs the press, but I think she's awesome!)
Shana at SashaLili and all her other wonderful blogs for her gorgeous children
JJ from Reproductive Jeans
Mands at The Secret Garden
Billie at BillieBlog - she takes the best pictures!
Loren at Baby Wait - she's not waiting anymore!!!

Now here are the rules for this Random Meme:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. (That would be Martha again)
2. Post the rules on your blog.(here you go)
3. Write six random things about yourself. (Don't laugh, okay?)

1. I'm afraid to get my hair colored right now. I'm waiting for my beta test on Tuesday and even after that I think I will be afraid until I see some proof that my short period of time with bleach on my hair will not affect my unborn fetus(es?). Even though my hairdresser is due to have her baby in one month and it's her second. BTW, she had a hard time getting pregnant with #2 and I love her to death, even if she's semi-fertile.

2. I'm a Roman Catholic that likes to meditate and study Wicca and Buddhism. I think I have a great spirituality to me, others might think I'm a spiritual mess.

3. I am a semi-vegan, in that the more recipes I learn, the less dairy, eggs and meat I consume. But I'm also really healthy about it. I'm into whole foods cooking and drink lots of nutritious herbal teas like nettle tea. I don't drink red raspberry leaf or red clover tea right now as they cause uterine contractions - not good when pregnant or especially in the first trimester, which I may be in and just don't know for sure!!!

4. I had a little voice in my head when I first saw Leo that said "That's the man you're going to marry!" Funny thing is we were both involved with other people at the time and we didn't really talk for another two years. I just stared at him from afar!

5. I'm obsessed with Bridget Jones and Gone with the Wind fan fiction. I think it's because I love stories of women who aren't perfect but they are very strong.

I will also do the same as Martha and tag the folks I nominated for the award. Enjoy! I love all my bloggy friends. I have to admit picking just 7 favorite blogs was really tough, so I tried to get a cross section of types of blogs I love. Just because you weren't listed doesn't mean I don't love you too! You should look a the list of blogs I follow. I know it's huge!!!! Love you all!!! Mwwwwaaaahhhh!


Martha said…
Great list, Heather! You totally Rock! Thank you so much for playing along! Hope you have a Great weekend w/Really Great News on Tuesday!!
Loren said…
Thanks, Heather!! such an honor for you to nom me. :) But I'm such a lazy blogger these days, I'm not sure I should accept it!
Thank you for all the love and support. I am quietly wishing for baby yumminess for you this cycle...I hope it helps! you deserve this so.
I love stories about strong, very human women too. That is also what draws me to the particular blogs I follow.
Just Me. said…
What a list. Ok, I'm a Roman Catholic too and when I saw my DH, I went, WOW, HE'S HOT AND I'D LIKE TO MARRY HIM! :)
JJ said…
Aww, Heather--thank you so much! So glad to have connected in blog-land!

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