PG - 5 Weeks 2 Days

Wow! Was I tired yesterday! I worked from home as Leo went to NYC for work and Phoebe had a half day of school. I ended up taking a nap when she came home for about an hour or so. And then I still went to bed at a decent time.

I had my hair appointment today, so I'll also be thankful for no roots, LOL! The scheduler didn't explain very well, though. The pictures won't be today, but in January. He just wanted to look at my hair today and see if he can do the hairstyle he wants to do for the picture. So the pics will be on a Sunday in January and everyone's coming to the studio at his house for them. There will be me and several other models that he'll be working with that day. The pics are for some hair styling competition that he did win back in 1997 and I will get copies of the photos, so I will be posting them sometime in January. I just think this is so cool and I'm so flattered. He also said he loved my skin and bone structure. If he wasn't playing for the other team, I'd be worried, LOL! He showed me an advertisement from a magazine that was his inspiration for what he could do to my hair and it's really cool. It's from a Calvin Klein advert and the long blonde hair is smoothed back, but teased on top and rolled underneath in the back. I can't wait to see the pics when we're all done!

We're leaving for the Thanksgiving holidays tomorrow to go help start cooking and getting everything ready. The turkey gets slow roasted overnight and it ends up really juicy. Tonight we'll be making my award-winning pecan pie and Tom's cranberry relish to bring with us. We'll be working on that after we get back from our first Parent/Teacher conference with Phoebe's second grade teacher. The Girl Scouts are baby-sitting, so both of us can meet with her teacher tonight.


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