PG Symptoms Check

Since I'm not planning to do any home pregnancy tests, as I'm afraid I'll get a false positive from all the hcg boosts they had me do, all I've got for hope right now are the multiple pregnancy symptoms we all check for. Here's the list I've got right now:

1. Having to get up and pee in the middle of the night - Check! Past several days I wake up at 3 AM, go pee and go back to bed for a few more hours.

2. Boobs hurt - Check! Then again I'm on tons of progesterone right now, but they are quite sore. Don't like Leo hugging me too tight right now.

3. Really tired. Kind of. I haven't fallen asleep in the car on Leo this weekend, which is usually a good indicator, but it may be too early for that. I have been getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night and I can't help it that I seem to need it. And I'm yawning all day for the past few days.

4. Sex dreams - Check! Happened last night for the first time since the pregancy this summer. I don't know why this happens to me. Maybe it's because I'm restricted away from sex, but it always happens. Could be becuase I'm really sensitive down there, which I noticed in the shower the past few days. I know it would feel really good to linger there, but I want baby! Must hold out until we're in the safe zone.

5. Hungry - Check! The past two days I've been ravenous. I never get morning sickness in the first trimester, just really hungry.

6. Bloated stomach - Check! I bought some sweater dresses and a belt to wear with them this weekend at H&M to hide the puffy belly I'm currently sporting. I definately look like I'm beginning a pregnancy.

Tomorrow morning is the time! I'll be going as early as I can possible muster to get out of bed. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!


Martha said…
That is quite a laundry list of positive pregnancy s/s. Fingers crossed.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Good luck tomorrow! Here's to real symptoms that continue!
Wishing you TONS of luck and LOTS OF HUGS!!!
nancy said…
I can't wait until you get your beta!!!
Fingers are definitely crossed! Can't wait to hear!
merlot said…
Gotta love the shower nozzel!

I'll be looking for an update tomorrow!
Loren said…
Good luck tomorrow!! Stay your usual, positive upbeat self.:) Can't wait for good news!!!
docgrumbles said…
Fingers crossed!

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