IVF#2 - CD17 - We Voted and Fertilization Report

I hope you all voted out there! I was working from home today, as Phoebe's school was closed and we had a lot of non-work stuff to do. First at quarter to 8 in the morning the HVAC guy came to do the heater maintenance for the year. After he left, we worked a little and then went to the polls. I haven't mentioned it lately, but I have been waivering on who to vote for president. I still went back and forth until last night when I finally made up my mind. I liked the way I put it to Phoebe this morning that where as the last presidential election, I didn't like either candidate, this election the other person could win and I'd be perfectly fine. I don't know who DH voted for, he wouldn't tell me. Which is funny, because I kept telling him that we shouldn't tell each other who we were voting for. He kept wondering why not, and then when I told him who I voted for, he wouldn't tell me, LOL!

The other thing we had to do today was go back to the orthodontist to have the spacers put back in to prepare for them installing the hardware next Tuesday. So Phoebe can't have any sticky candy now. She ate her last Skittles before she brushed her teeth before we left. And next Tuesday she won't be able to suck her thumb anymore and I won't be the bad guy.

And last of all, I did get my fertilization report on the voice mail I have at the doctor's. All 8 embryos are still progressing and are on target for where they should be. The funny thing is the IVF nurse who left me the message said they would be talking to Dr. Russell today to see if he wanted to do the transfer tomorrow and they'd get back to me. Well I have no new messages at the doctor's as of 5 PM tonight, so I'm going to say that the transfer should definitely be Friday. Let's keep our fingers crossed they keep growing on target and looking good. He'll transfer 2 or 3 depending on what the doctor is thinking that day, but he would never transfer more than 3.


Martha said…
It's been quite a campaign, thank goodness it's over! It's been very contentious here with Gay marriage on the ballot. My sister in Philly cracked up when I told her it was the talk of the playground. My Dh both voted for the same Prez, but differed on some propositions. We've had lots of heated political discussions lately. Anyway, enough of that! Fingers crossed for happily thriving follies and a beautiful transfer.
Great news on the fert report!! I'm super impressed that you were that out and about after an ET. Wow!
Merlot said…
GREAT!! Grow eggies grow!!
Rumour Miller said…
Great news and great news!

Good luck with the transfer!
YAY! Thinking of you and praying for a smooth transfer on Friday! ((HUGS))
Miss Mac said…
Friday and an ET is a great combination:] Yeah... Good Luck!!!
Michelle Smiles said…
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!
docgrumbles said…
Fingers crossed!

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