IVF#2 - CD16 - Egg Retrieval Was Yesterday

So my egg retrieval was Sunday morning at 7:30 AM!!!! We had to be there at 7 AM for prep work. Phoebe slept overnight at a friends' house, so we didn't have to drag her out before she's used to even being up. At least we had an extra hour for the fallback from daylight savings time, so we still got some sleep. When I first got there, the doctor did a quick scan because my estrogen in my bloodwork the day before had dropped, but he also said everyone's did, so he thought there was a problem in the lab. He checked me out and proclaimed me ready. I was a little nervous and kept talking while they were putting me under. Apparently I kept talking, so they kept giving me more anesthesia. I should've warned them I talk in my sleep sometimes. Yesterday seemed to be one of those sometimes. They got 13 eggs. I'll find out today how many were really mature and how many fertilized from the fertilization report. Most likely, my transfer will be this Friday with 5 day blasts. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for good fertilization!!!


Merlot said…
Sending those good vibes your way!!
Martha said…
Sending my best for great fertilization! Thanks for the update.
sky girl said…
Hoping for a great report!
nancy said…
Woohoo!!!!! I can't wait to hear the fert report!
Yeah!! Keep us posted with the fert report. I'm hoping everything goes well for you. 13 eggs is awesome.

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