IVF#2 - CD19 - Embryo Transfer Tomorrow

I just listened to my voice mail box at the doctor's office. My embryo transfer time is scheduled for 12 noon tomorrow (Friday). All 8 embryos are still going strong. I'm curious if he'll transfer 2 or 3 of the best quality tomorrow. I'm really pleased with what I've heard so far this month as I had lots that stopped growing during our last IVF cycle. I only had two left to work with at the end and only one of them was a good quality. The other was fair. I'll get to ask about the quality from the doctor tomorrow. I'm very excited!!!!!!

I'll be working from home tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday is a holiday at my office (Veteran's Day). However, Phoebe has her big show tomorrow and we'll have company all weekend. I'll enjoy the company and I'll be taking it easy - no helping Phoebe get ready for the show. I'll leave that to Leo. Leo is a good cook too, so as we have company, he'll take care of our guests with food and drinks.

Talking about drinks, I had my last glass of wine before the embryo transfer last night. Phoebe was at dress rehearsal for the show and Leo took me out for drinks and appetizers at a nice restaurant on the riverfront in Wilmington. I only had wine during this cycle after the egg retrieval and I'll stop now that the transfer is tomorrow. I have to say the wine was excellent. I told the waiter that I like dry, full-flavor red wines and he steered me toward a wine from South Africa - Graham Beck Gamekeepers Reserve. It was quite tasty and it was the first South African wine I've ever had! Tertia talks about the wines from her country all the time, but I've never had the opportunity to try one. She's right! They are lovely.


Martha said…
You make me laugh, Heather! What a delightful post, fertility report, family plans, and wine review all in one. So delighted about your happy little embryos, Best Wishes tomorrow!
Carrie Ann said…
Yay for tomorrow!! Glad your embryos are looking good. Wishing you a great transfer!!
sky girl said…
Good news! Go embies go!
Oh good luck! I bet you have great dreams tonight. Get some rest and I will be wishing for the best tomorrow.
That is great news! I will be keeping everything crossed for a smooth transfer and relaxing weekend! Thinking of you! ((HUGS))
Emy said…
Good luck tomorrow!!!
Trace said…
Good luck! I know I'll be thinking about you and seding good vibe, karma, prayers, all of it your way!!
Alexandra said…
Good luck! I am glad to hear all are growing so well..keep it up kids:) Well behaved embryos make well behaved kids. At least there is the hope.

Alexandra/ Infertile Gourmet

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