Still Very Nicely Pregnant!

Just got the call from the IVF nurses. I'm glad they called soon because I had even checked my cell phone to see what time they had called on Tuesday. I don't get impatient, do I???

My hcg today is 1453, which more than doubled, but not so much that I don't think we're dealing with multiples here. Just a healthy singleton, which is great! They don't want to see me until December 1st for ultrasound and to talk to the doctor.

I've been working hard to eat healthy. Last night I even made a meatless chili using tempeh for the meat. I thought it was tasty. I'll have to post the recipe for it. I have the leftovers for lunch.

I will admit, I'm tired. Not too tired, but getting there. The other cool thing is that next Tuesday I'm getting my hair colored and the owner of the salon called me to come in this day because he wants to take some pictures of me and my glorious platinum blonde hair for their website and stuff. I know I won't get paid, but I hope I get a discount on my hair. Plus it's just the thrill that someone wants to take pics of this 37 year old pregnant me!!! As Leo said, their not asking to take a pic of my a$$. I'll want to get my eyebrows waxed before that day, so they don't look all scraggly.

So my hair will be all pretty for Thanksgiving. I don't think we'll be telling the whole family on Thanksgiving, but we may let Leo's parents in on the secret. My parents know, as they actually knew we were doing IVF this past month. Leo's parents didn't know because we haven't seen them much lately. I was on overload from the summer of remodeling their kitchen.


Martha said…
That's wonderful, Heather! Both for the gorgeous hair and Hcg!
MizFit said…
toss that hair with pride...and TAKE CARE OF YOU.
Just Me. said…
That's just awesome news!!! numbers are looking great too!!!!

Oh wow! That's spectacular news!
CTagsGirl said…
Yipeeee! What wonderful news. :) Your beta numbers look very healthy. December 1st will be here before you know it.

That is FANTASTIC! I am SO happy for you! :)
Shal said…
wonderful news! ANd post a pic of the new hair here!!!
Rumour Miller said…
Great news!
Cassandra said…
nancy said…
What a fun time to tell everyone something like that! THANKSgiving for sure!

I'm so happy to hear your levels went up appropriately! :)
sara said…
Congrats! THis was so exciting to read!!!
lisalou said…
I've been soooooooooo out of the loop! Congratulations and keep us posted. Also, we'll need a photo of the hairdo!
battynurse said…
Congratulations on the nicely doubling beta. That's fantastic.
Hope the pics of your hair goes great. How fun is that.

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